The EU has handed ONE MILLION PEOPLE the right to live and work in the UK

The latest information has revealed that almost ONE MILLION PEOPLE were given the right to live and work in the United Kingdom by the European Union in 2016.

According to the figures that are available, Moroccans, Albanians and Indians have been the main recipients of EU citizenship – something that by default would give an individual the right to reside in the United Kingdom and find employment.

According to a report in The Express:

THE European Union granted nearly one million people EU citizenship in 2016, giving them the right to live and work in the UK, with Moroccans, Albanians and Indians the main recipients.

Around 995,000 people obtained citizenship of a member state of the EU in 2016 up 18 percent from 2015.

Freedom of movement rules state EU citizens have the right to live and work in any of the bloc’s member states.

According to data from Eurostat, the statistical office of the bloc, people from Morocco made up the highest numbers, followed by citizens of Albania, India, Pakistan and Turkey.

101,300 people from Morocco were granted EU citizenship with 89 percent obtaining citizenship from Spain, Italy or France.

67,500 people from Albania and 41,700 people from India acquired EU citizenship, with almost 60 percent of those Indian citizens obtaining British citizenship.

Romanians (29,700) and Poles (19,800) were the two largest groups of EU citizens acquiring citizenship of another EU member state.

Under the Brexit divorce deal EU citizens will be able to continue to come to the UK during the transition period.

And the data comes as Theresa May suggested the Government’s target of cutting net annual migration below 100,000 will continue after Britain leaves the EU.

The Prime Minister said: “Of course, crucially we will be out of the single market and we will be out of the free movement rules. and we will be setting our own rules for migration into the United Kingdom.

“We recognise the concerns that people in the UK have about this issue of net migration into the UK, which is why we set ourselves a target in relation to net migration and want to continue to work to ensure that we address that particular target.”

This is why we are truly better out of the European Union.

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